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Serving Metro Cities Around The World. Providing Intelligent Surveillance Systems To Highly Dense Populations, City Malls & Parks.

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Metro Commute Security International (MCSI) designs and installs integrated access control CCTV systems for commercial offices, retailers, industrial concerns and residential clients. We offer a unique range of high-end digital network security video surveillance protection solutions to public agencies and the private market. Using IP based technology, MSCI provides real-time security control directly to your cell phone, smart phone or PDA

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Today's security marketplace requires solutions that range from protecting Homeland Security to protecting your home. MSCI products and services integrate state-of-the-art security technologies including: digital recording and IPvideo solutions; matrix controls; cameras; monitors; mounting accessories; remote positioning devices, and fiber optics. Our solutions are delivered through a variety of surveillance, security, safety, and control applications. For more information regarding Metro Commute Security International, please visit Metro or call us at: (212)-757-5626 or (650) 24CLEAR. MCSI-Today's Choice for Intelligent Security Systems

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Look for the MCSI logo on many Model Homes, security firms, digital video security network provider websites and retail stores or installation vehicles as you shop for that next deal. construction company wanted as partners for Pre-wiring many new homes through the construction process, installing the systems Post Purchase, then MCSI provide the monitoring -- 24 hour and UL Approved. A contractor after builder installs MCSI systems, we believe you should consider us as well for your security and entertainment needs. MCSI Security Systems is dealing with security as a category, Burglar & Fire Alarms, Surveillance, Structural Cable Wiring, and Monitoring of said Security Systems. MCSI also install Home Theater, Intercom Systems and Central Vacuuming systems. There are many ways that MCSI Security Systems can simplify bringing your home and business up to current technological standards.